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The goal of Gluten Free in SD is to provide useful and accurate information about living gluten free in San Diego. Also included are resources that provide additional information about celiac disease and gluten-free diets. Comments, suggestions, and recommendations are encouraged to keep this website up-to-date and as useful as possible. Please use the Contact Us section of the website – all input will be greatly appreciated.

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The following are some of the events that will occur or news items that have been reported within the last month (dates indicate when the information was added). The most recently posted are in red type.

Local Events

Local Events  

  • CSA annual picnic: July 26, 12 - 3 in Village Park, Encinitas. CSA will provide the main course, and the rest will be a potluck. Kelli Grey-Meisner, RD, will be present to answer your nutritional/dietic questions. All welcome. More info to follow. San Diego CSA Chapter #57

Note: For additional research study summaries and articles, see the Celiac Disease Foundation website under Research News, and the Research section on the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University website.

  • SD Union Tribune article: This article in the 3/17/15 edition gives excellent information about celiac disease and other problems. Dr. Sheila Crowe from UCSD Gastroenterology and Dr. James Wolosin from Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group were both interviewed. It lists items where hidden gluten can be found, why people shouldn't self-diagnose, new gluten-free products, and much more. www.utsandiego.com/news/2015/mar/17/gluten-free-celiac-allergy/

  • Arsenic in rice: The Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California has three articles on the subject: http://www.celiaccommunity.org/special-report-arsenic-in-rice/ 3/16

    CDF national conference:
    May 2nd & 3rd at the Pasadena Convention Center. The Celiac Disease Foundation hosts this yearly conference with reknowned gluten-free experts as speakers, as well as an Expo with over 100 manufacturers of gluten-free products. "It's the place to be if you're gluten-free". Savings on pre-sale tickets ends April 24th. More info.

  • Positive hospital experience: My daughter, who has celiac disease, just had her baby at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla. I am happy to report that they provided her with a gluten-free menu for each meal, and the meals were obviously gluten-free when they were delivered. Yay! 3/21

  • Gluten labeling in drugs: A petition was submitted to the FDA asking for gluten to be labeled on medications. No action has been taken, recently a lawsuit was filed. Hopefully this will get the FDA moving on this issue. 3/22 www.citizen.org/pressroom/pressroomredirect.cfm?ID=5444

  • Ebook about gluten-free: This site sells an Ebook that concerns both gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, and how cutting out gluten in your diet can be beneficial to your health. http://www.glutenfreeteacher.com/download/

Cooking (also see "Resources - Cooking" and "SD Resources - Food")

Restaurant/Bakery Updates (also see SD Restaurants by Area, Alphabetized List of SD Restaurants, and SD Resources - Food)

  • 2Good2B and Healthy Creations: Both of these all-gluten-free cafes very generously supplied delicious and nutritious snacks at the CSA "Thriving Gluten Free" event in January in Encinitas. Please express your gratitude when you dine at both of these establishments for all they do to support our gluten-free community. 2Good2B, Healthy Creations 3/11

  • Blaze Pizza: Encinitas, Carlsbad, San Diego. They have a gluten-free crust that they make themselves. They say they are careful with separate bowls, changing gloves, utensils, and cook the GF crust on pizza tins rather than on the main grill. You can either order online or go to the restaurant. It is cafeteria style when you choose your toppings and salad ingredients at the restaurant. They provide an "Allergen Info" chart online that checks any ingredient that contains "Wheat/gluten". http://blazepizza.com/ 4/1

  • Choice Juicery: Solana Beach and Carlsbad. The Solana Beach location just recently opend. Everything served here is gluten and dairy free, and plant based. Their menu consists of smoothies, bowls, salads, quinoa sushi, snacks, banana bread and more. http://choicejuicery.com/ 4/7

  • Urban Plates: Carlsbad, Carmel Valley. Be sure to tell them that you are ordering from their gluten-free menu. At least at the Carlsbad location, they take special precautions on some items (i.e. chicken in salads) to decrease the chance of cross-contamination. Roxie 4/7 http://www.urbanplates.com/

  • Jersey Mike's: Jerseys Mike's, a national chain specializing in sandwiches is testing gluten-free bread in six different states (one of which is California.

Shopping Updates (also see "Product Updates" and "SD Food Stores")

  • Garden Lites Chocolate Muffins: Larisa Sanz from Garden Lites emailed: "I wanted to reach out to you because our chocolate muffins are actually in Costcos throught the SD area. We know GF food can be expensive and for $10 a 14-pack, these are a great deal!" Garden Lites also makes Blueberry Oat muffins and Banana Chocolate Chip muffins. 3/24

  • Girl Scout cookies: The Girl Scouts are offering two gluten-free options nationwide this year: Toffee-tastic and Trios. They will be sold from now until the end of April. www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_cookies/meet_the_cookies.asp

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Both myself (Roxie) and my then-16-year-old daughter (Karen Lynn Johnson) were diagnosed with celiac disease in 1998. This website contains information I have gathered over the years, and also links to what I consider to be many reputable resources for further information. I am not in the medical field, so please consult a physician before acting upon any information provided in this website.

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