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The goal of Gluten Free in SD is to provide useful and accurate information about living gluten free in San Diego. Also included are resources that provide additional information about celiac disease and gluten-free diets. Comments, suggestions, and recommendations are encouraged to keep this website up-to-date and as useful as possible. Please use the Contact Us section of the website – all input will be greatly appreciated.

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The following are some of the events that will occur or news items that have been reported within the last month (dates indicate when the information was added). The most recently posted are in red type.

Local Events

Local Events  

  • Thriving Gluten Free Event: January 31, 2015, from 1 - 4 pm at the beautiful Encinitas Public Library. This event is hosted by the San Diego Celiac Support Association (CSA), and is for all who are on a gluten-free diet. There will be four speakers at the event: Melinda Dennis, RD, internationally respected Registered Dietician specializing in the gluten-free diet, Dr. Anthony Colatrella, gastroenterogist specializing in celiac disease and other digestive disorders and advisor to national CSA, Misty Faulkner, who will be sharing practical, easy tips on cooking and baking gluten free, and EA Stewart, BS, RD will be speaking with the children's group. Local GF dedicated vendors will be supplying snacks for all. Limited seating! Find out more information about this extraordinary opportunity and reserve your spot at www.thrivinggf.org

  • Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo: February 7 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds from 10 - 4. There will be two speakers and many vendors. $20 per adult, $5 per child. Parking is $10 on the fairgrounds. 25% early bird ticket discount if you order them by 1/7, or 15% discount if you orde before 2/7. http://gfafexpo.com/locations/san-diego-ca-2015/

Note: For additional research study summaries and articles, see the Celiac Disease Foundation website under Research News, and the Research section on the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University website.

Cooking (also see "Resources - Cooking" and "SD Resources - Food")

Restaurant/Bakery Updates (also see SD Restaurants by Area, Alphabetized List of SD Restaurants, and SD Resources - Food)

  • CPK: La Jolla. When I ordered one of their GF pizzas, the waiter asked if I had celiac disease. When I said "yes", he said they take extra precautions for those with celiac disease to prevent cross-contamination. When I was served the pizza, the chef who cooked my pizza came to tell me what precautions he had taken. I'm sure this doesn't always happen, but it does encourage me to mention that I have celiac disease when I order at restaurants. Some get it! Roxie 11/21

  • De Luca's: North Park. "If you are ever in North Park and want a good pizza, De Luca's on Thorn Street has a 14" gluten-free pizza that they cook separately and change their gloves for. I am not sick and the pizza is SO good. Do not get extra cheese though, they already put a TON of cheese on it! One happy Celiac!" P. Solis on the San Diego Celiacs Facebook page. www.mydelucas.com 11/30

  • Carnitas Snack Shack: Del Mar, & North Park(?). The Del Mar location was reviewed August 23 on the "No Excuses Gluten Free Cookbook blog": "The staff was extremely accommodating about gluten free. The sandwiches can be ordered with a gluten free bun or bread, and the ingredients are so fresh and made-freom-scratch that most things on the menu are naturally gluten free." The review is much longer and is very positive, and describes several of the menu items in detail. The two locations offer differ menus, and they change daily according to what they can get fresh that day. Carnitas Snack Shack 12/11

Shopping Updates (also see "Product Updates" and "SD Food Stores")

  • Garden Lites muffins at Target: A representative for the Garden Lites company wrote: "Garden Lites is a gluten free frozen food brand that offers delicious products, and what makes us unique is that veggies are the first ingredient in each of our products! We have an exciting new gluten-free product, our delicious muffins that are available at your local Target in the freezer section. These new muffins have won multiple awards and accolades from magazines such as Shape and personalities like The Today Show's dietitian Joy Bauer". 12/10

  • Mission GF tortillas: "Just got these at the Vons on Santa Fe Dr in Encinitas. The texture is great and the taste is pretty good!" Amy M. A photo of the product shows shows Mission Gluten Free Tortillas - Soft Taco" on the packaging.Note: No information about these could be found on the Mission website as yet. RJ 12/12

  • Butterball turkeys: Both their frozen and fresh whole turkeys are gluten free. Plus, their gravy is now gluten-free (thickened with rice flour) Read more about the from Triumph Dining's blog, where they warn that there still could be old gravy packets out there, so be sure to read the ingredient labels. 12/5

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Both myself (Roxie) and my then-16-year-old daughter (Karen Lynn Johnson) were diagnosed with celiac disease in 1998. This website contains information I have gathered over the years, and also links to what I consider to be many reputable resources for further information. I am not in the medical field, so please consult a physician before acting upon any information provided in this website.

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