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Reminder: You must take the responsibility for being vigilant by always reconfirming the GF status of a menu item and addressing cross-contamination issues each and every time.

Go to the "Food allergies and Special Dietary Needs" page on the Disneyland website. They recommend calling for reservations if you plan to dine in a restaurant to let them know of your special dietary needs.

Also check out the Disney Eats blog, done by a former employee of Disneyland, and is specific to eating gluten free there. Helpful information, reviews, and recommendations are given on the blog. Thank you, R & D Williams, for sharing this find. 8/13

Read an article in the Orange County Register titled Disney Parks lead with menus for food allergies. Dated 4/22/11, the article also has many photos of gluten free meals served at Disneyland.


Devin H., 7/13 "I wanted to let you know about more options at California Adventure for gluten free diets. At Taste Pilot's Grill, there are gluten free buns available (they do contain egg, though, in case someone is allergic to that). Hamburgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, the chicken salad, and the chili can all be made gluten free. The only things there (that I know of) that contain gluten ingredients are regular buns, crispy wonton strips for the salads, steak sauce, possibly chipotle mayonnaise, veggie burger patties, chicken nuggets, and onion rings. This restaurant has not only gluten free options, but also has choices for vegetarian, vegan, and kosher diets, and will work to meet other dietary restrictions and allergies."

Taca (on SillyYaks site), 4/13 "I love eating GF at Disneyland (passholder go all the time). Just tell the hostess and your sever that you are gluten free and a hef will come out and discuss your options, which are many. Most of the places that serve hamburgers and/orhotdogs have Udi's GF buns. I love the Hungry Bear for a hamburger and sweet potato fries (cooked in a dedicated fryer.

For sit down restaurants, Carnation Cafe has lots of options, the Storytell restaurant in the hotel Grand California is great, for the buffet the chef will go over options and will cook to order if you want something that isn't GF. All of the hotel restaurants have GF options. Just ask for the chef."

D & R Williams, 2/13:
"My wife, who is a celiac, and I are regular visitors to Disneyland and agree with many others that they do a great job serving GF diners throughout the property.  One of the great things they had available in the past was a printed list of places where GF food was available in the parks and hotels and what was GF food was served. We found that to be a great thing in that it meant we did not have to wait in line all over the place and ask the servers what was available (if anything) before we decided where to dine.  It has been great to simply walk up to a server and have some idea what was available at some places, for example, had burgers, but not fries.  

At our last visit at the end of January though, we were told that by Guest Relations ‘they no longer were going to offer those as they were not always up to date’.  We lodged our complaint there and have emailed Disneyland as well, pointing out that without those lists, how much more difficult and time consuming eating gluten free in the parks would become.  The reply we received from our email to the park was a generic response about the general GF policy at the parks.  Our reply to that asking again if the lists are to return has gone unanswered.  

We certainly hope this is a temporary thing and will look into this again for our next visit in May.  Without the list, our trips to the parks will certainly be reduced.  Hopefully, others that frequent this site will visit sooner and have better news."

Book of Yum blog, 2/13: This popular blog reported about gluten-free vegetarian dining in several restaurants inside Disneyland. Photos are included. Book of Yum

S. Snow, 6/11:
She reported receiving an extensive list of the current list for GF offerings at Disneyland. She emailed the Disneyland Guest Communications on 6/7/11 at dlresort@disneyonline.com. See the above note as well.

Blog about a GF trip to Disneyland, 4/10: Chandice Probst wrote about her GF dining experiences at Disneyland on her blog, Gluten Free Frenzy. Includes photos of some of the foods.

Taca to SillyYak site, 10/10

(I'm a) "annual passholder, go all the time, My favorite eating spots are the Mexican restaurant by Big Thunder Mountain and Storyteller restaurant in Grand California hotel."

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