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The goal of Gluten Free in SD is to provide useful and accurate information about living gluten free in San Diego. Also included are resources that provide additional information about celiac disease and gluten-free diets. Comments, suggestions, and recommendations are encouraged to keep this website up-to-date and as useful as possible. Please use the Contact Us section of the website – all input will be greatly appreciated.

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The following are some of the events that will occur or news items that have been reported within the last month (dates indicate when the information was added). The most recently posted are in red type.

Local Events

Local Events  

  • San Diego CSA meeting: Saturday, September 27. Kelli Gray-Meisner, Registered Dietition, will be speaking about the new gluten labeling law that went into effect August 5. Kelli is an Outpatient Nutritionist in the UCSD Health System. Come learn the different wordings allowed on food labels, and what they mean to you. All welcome. More info

  • San Diego CSA meeting: Sunday, November 2, 1 - 3 pm at The Trails Neighborhood Eatery in the San Carlos area, located at 739 Jackson Dr., San Diego, CA 92110. This holiday luncheon will replace our annual holiday potluck. A $5 deposit per person will be required to reserve a spot, which will be used towards your meal. More info to follow.

Note: For additional research study summaries and articles, see the Celiac Disease Foundation website under Research News, and the Research section on the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University website.

  • Top ten colleges for GF: Udi's has put out their list of the Top 10 Gluten Free Accomodating Colleges 2014. 9/6

  • Viruses & celiac disease: An article in Science Life titled "Are Viruses Causing Celiac Disease" summarizes recent research by the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. They have found that gastrointestinal viruses can contribute to the inflammatory response occurring in celiac disease. The implications from this study may include the ability to to implement personalized preventive strategies for subjects at risk to develop celiac disease. 9/10

  • Fast Food Restaurant Recs: An article in TodaysDietician.com "Gluten-Free Fast Food - May I Take Your Order Please?" discusses the dangers of attempting to eat GF in fast food restaurants, even when they provide a gluten-free menu. The author also gives suggestions. 8/10

  • 10 Common sources of gluten in restaurants: The latest edition of Living Without magazine had an article titled "Surprise! There's Gluten in That". These items don't necessarily contain gluten, but should be questioned. The following are the items they discuss:
    Tortilla chips (may be cooked in a shared fryer with gluten-containing items)
    Sushi (may contain imitation crab)
    Vegetarian Meat Substitutes (often made with seitan or wheat flour)
    Sausages, Meatballs, Meatloaf (often use a binder that is glutenous)
    Soups (possibly thickened with a wheat flour roux, or a manufactured broth that contains barley)
    Sauces, Dressing, Marinades (possibly include soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, beer, and/or flour)
    Scrambled eggs & omelets (because of c/c on the grill, or pancake batter added to add fluffiness)
    Steamed Vegetables (may be steamed or blanched in pasta water)
    Gnocchi, Soba, Ramen (made with wheat flour)
    Candied nuts (nuts might be coated in flour)

  • ContentChecked app: This app allows you to put in your particular allergies (such as gluten) and then scan a product's bar code to determine if it is safe or not. It will give you product alternatives if it that product is not okay. The app also allows you to keep a favorites list. There is a YouTube video on how it works. Cost of app is $2.99 No ratings yet, as it is fairly new. ContentChecked.com 9/7

Cooking (also see "Resources - Cooking" and "SD Resources - Food")

  • Carol Fenster new cookbook: Carol has a new cookbook coming out on October 7: 100 Best Quick Gluten-Free Recipes. Carol is a well-known national author of multiple gluten-free cookbooks. "I wrote a book of quick recipes - and quick means the dishes can usually be prepared in 30 minuts or less". It includes old-time favorites such as meatloaf, sloppy joes, slow-cooker meas, and more. 9/3

Restaurant/Bakery Updates (also see SD Restaurants by Area, Alphabetized List of SD Restaurants, and SD Resources - Food)

  • John's Incredible Pizza, Plaza Bonita: The buffet has markers for gluten-free items, and they provide GF information on their website. "They now have Gluten-Free Pizza! It's 99 cents (might want two) and really good. They also have many other options!" Dante' F., 9/3 www.johnspizza.com

Shopping Updates (also see "Product Updates" and "SD Food Stores")


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